PAIS can provide you with the confidence that your system will be designed, installed and maintained in accordance with Standards. We will conduct site visits to establish and agree your needs and ensure that your system meets your exact requirements. As legislative requirements of audibility and intelligibility can be stringent in complex acoustic conditions, it is critical that a system is designed and specified properly.

If a new public address system is required, our implementation process includes: Examining your public address specification requirements, including minimum sound pressure levels and post installation speech intelligibility testing eg. STI or RASTI testing. Providing a detailed evaluation of the space that the PA system will serve. Seeking compliance with any performance specification and / or relevant standards. If a public address system has already been installed, we will undertake commissioning exercises to determine the electro-acoustic performance of the system. This is likely to include measurements of speech intelligibility and audibility testing. Each public address system is calibrated and tested as individual components and as a complete system to ensure reliable performance.


Audio visual integration from start to finish for a wide range of organizations and purposes. PAIS provides an encompassing range of services, from complex turnkey audio visual systems build to simple upgrades, add-ons, and retrofits. We also offer design-only and integration-only services, independent of equipment selection. Our encompassing audio visual integration process manages your project through the following phases: DESIGN Audio visual system design to plan and optimize workflow, equipment, and processes INSTALLATION PHASE Installation and hardware racking of the cabling for your A/V system SYSTEM TESING PHASE Testing of all cable, connections, and hardware and configuration of software TRAINING PHASE Technical and operational staffs are trained by PAIS and manufacturer experts PROJECT COMPLETION PHASE Any deficiencies, outstanding items, and as-built drawings are addressed and completed SUPPORT PHASE Your A/V system is supported and maintained as needed by PAIS’s expert service staff to ensure years of trouble free operation Your audio visual system is delivered fully tested and ready to use because PAIS understands that every project is important to our clients.


Our Audio Visual System projects include, but are not limited to: Boardrooms & Meeting Spaces
Video Conferencing
Training Rooms
Lecture Halls & Classrooms
Distance Learning
Lecture Capture
Legislative Assemblies
Council Chambers
Committee Rooms
Court Rooms
Logging and Archive Systems
Request to Speak Systems
Camera Robotic Systems
High Definition Operating Rooms & Displays
Imagery Theatres
Simulation Suites
Operating Room
Training / Simulation Labs
3D Projection / 3D Imaging / Modeling
Command and Control Centres
Network Control Room
Mobile Command & Control Centre
Information Mining
Archival Storage & Search Systems
Field Video Capture
Digital Signage
Specialty Broadcast Applications, such as On-Air Visual Display Systems
Sports Arenas


A tailored approach to implementing your custom audio visual system PAIS understands that your custom audio visual solution requires an equally customized project management plan to achieve your goals. This custom plan is created within an established and proven process that accounts for the components and processes that audio visual projects commonly share to ensure that implementation meets time and budget constraints. A successful project is built on a solid relationship between your team and ours, with a mutual recognition of all functional requirements and budgetary considerations for achieving the goals and objectives for your audio visual solution. We start by clearly identifying the project team on both sides, and ensuring everyone understands their role and responsibilities for critical deliverables. The PAIS and client teams will then meet to discuss the project’s timeline and critical dates, as well as the template for ongoing status meetings and engineering workshops, as required by the specific A/V solution. BLENDING PLANNING AND FLEXIBILITY, FROM AUDIO VISUAL EQUIPMENT SELECTION TO FULL INTEGRATION To make sure your A/V system process stays on track, PAIS creates a scope of work that specifies the following elements of the project: Customer workflow Audio visual equipment Cabling Integration Schedule Our proposals are detailed with an accurate assessment of the required elements of your audio visual solution, but one of our unique strengths lies in having the flexibility to manage unanticipated elements that may arise throughout the project. If additional needs are identified at any stage of the project, PAIS works to adapt your project to include the required changes while remaining on budget. Another key advantage of working with PAIS for your audio visual solution is our capacity to support your team and equipment, during and after your project’s integration. Every division and department at PAIS can support the equipment they implement with our experience, comprehensive manufacturer training, and access to a wide range of audio visual experts. PROJECT MANAGEMENT OF YOUR AUDIO VISUAL SOLUTION INCLUDES FREQUENTLY UPDATED INFORMATION ABOUT: Team Assignments and Project Management Timelines and Schedules Audio Visual Design and System Drawings Audio Visual Equipment Sourcing and Management Installation, Commissioning and Testing Project Completion Ongoing After Sales Support You can count on the PAIS team to provide the following service as applicable for most audio visual solutions: Meet your expectations according to the RFP/RFQ or statement of work. Procure all audio visual equipment, as well as materials and labour assignments. Implement best practices and comply with manufacturer specifications. Issue a complete equipment spreadsheet to the client, prior to installation, with all key information such as manufacturer, model and serial numbers. Keep the client informed of any issues and address them in a timely manner to keep the project on track. This includes any changes to audio video equipment that may be required at any stage of the project, or delays in equipment delivery from suppliers and manufacturers. Manage the delivery and receiving of audio visual equipment on-site, including visual inspection, with any damage or defects being reported to the client. Installation of all audio visual equipment supplied by PAIS, including mounting in consoles, racks, walls, floors, ceilings, and millwork, with the appropriate fasteners and brackets. Provide all cables and connectors and assist with power connection points within equipment racks supplied by PAIS. Configure all hardware and software according to project specifications and populate all modular card frames with various input/output cards.


PAIS provides systems planning, design, engineering, documentation, equipment supply and installation, training, and warranty support for every project we undertake. Our team of skilled specialists consist of: Project Managers who oversee the project and manage all resources Design Engineers who design and configure innovative audio visual systems and tailored to the specific needs of our clients Certified Programmers who design custom programs that link and automate components to enable complete audio visual system control and building automation through intuitive user interfaces Installation Technicians who install and test systems to ensure that we deliver a completely functional system that is ready to use Service personnel for ongoing maintenance and support over time

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